Friday, October 30, 2009

NIDRR Field Initiated Projects

The purpose of the Field Initiated Projects program is to develop methods, procedures, and rehabilitation technology that maximize the full inclusion and integration into society, employment, independent living, family support, and economic and social self-sufficiency of individuals with disabilities, especially individuals with the most severe disabilities. Another purpose of the FI Projects program is to improve the effectiveness of services authorized under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

Amount: $200,000/year for 3 years

Date due: January 6, 2010

In carrying out a research activity under an FI research grant, a grantee must identify one or more hypotheses or research questions and, based on the hypotheses or research questions identified, perform an intensive, systematic study directed toward producing (1) new scientific knowledge, or (2) better understanding of the subject, problem studied, or body of knowledge.

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In carrying out a development activity under an FI project development grant, a grantee must use knowledge and understanding gained from research to create materials, devices, systems, or methods, including designing and developing prototypes and processes, that are beneficial to the target population. Target population means the group of individuals, organizations, or other entities expected to be affected by the project. There may be more than one target population because a project may affect those who receive services, provide services, or administer services.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Public Health Conference Support Program

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) proposes a funding opportunity to provide partial support for specific non-Federal conferences in the areas of health promotion, disease prevention, and educational programs.

Amount: $5,000 - $100,000

Date due: December 11, 2009

Measurable outcomes of the program will be in alignment with one (or more) of the following performance goal(s) for the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities:  Improve the health and quality of life for people with disabling or potentially disabling conditions.  

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

R & D to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

The Quality Improvement Center on Early Childhood is requesting proposals for research and demonstration projects to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Amount: $1,240,000 for a 40-month

Date due: January 19, 2010

The QIC-EC will support 3-5 research and demonstration (R&D) projects that show promise of generating robust evidence and new knowledge related to the following overarching research question: How and to what extent do collaborations that increase protective factors and decrease risk factors in core areas of the social ecology result in optimal child development, increased family strengths, and decreased likelihood of child maltreatment, within families of young children at high-risk for child maltreatment?

In their approach to this question, R&D projects must target high-risk families who have an infant between the ages of birth to 24 months at the inception of the project, and for whom there has been no substantiated Child Protective Services report in the 24 months preceding acceptance into the project.

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